Activate Your New Map - DVD or SD card

Keys to a Successful Map Update
•  Allow a maximum of two hours to install the Map Update.
•  The engine must be on to maintain continuous power to the UConnect. Please ensure the vehicle is outside or in a well-ventilated area.
•  Follow all applicable laws.

Your new map on DVD or SD card must be activated before installation. To activate your map:

1 Power on your navigation unit and insert your map update DVD or SD card.
2 Write down the 10-digit Unit ID number displayed on the navigation system display screen.
3 Write down the 4-digit Validation Code displayed on the navigation system display screen.
4 Locate the 8-digit Product Key that came with your map update instructions.
5 Enter the codes in the appropriate fields below.

Please contact Garmin customer support with any questions or concerns.

Unit ID

Validation Code

Product Key

Activate Map

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